“If there’s any magic on this planet, it is contained in water”

For such a magic, there’s a need of attention. Attention that is fulfilled only when there’s an action done. Students for Development in collaboration with Department of MSW, Bangalore University organized a 2-day national conference on Water Conservation. Inaugural function was presided by Prof. Y B Siddegowda Vice Chancellor, Tumkur University, Sri Vasanthkumar Syndicate Member, Baangalore University, Prof. Kodandarama, DSW, BUB and Ms. Srilekha, Convenor Students for Development, Karnataka Chapter. The Guests enlightened the students about the Duty of MSW students towards nation and a keynote to the event. One of the sessions was conducted by Sri. Chowdappa D A- Rajoythsava Awardee and environmentalist. He focused on the topic ‘Best Practices to Conserve Water’. The talk covered the importance to conserve water in our house level. He repeatedly stressed on point to ‘reduce the use of domestic water negligently’. Reusing water was his suggestion to conserve it. Following Session was presided by Sri. Bannur Krishnappa- Natural Farmer, it was a privilege to have him as a guest. He was a farmer and enlightened about importance of planting. He expressed how plants and trees play a significant role in conserving water. Nurturing a plant and growing a tree never needs hard work, he quotes. He shared his experience on how he converted a barren land into fruit-yielding fertile land. He inspired us on how a person can save his land without any support. Sri Nagesh Hegde, the most inspiring, young hearted environmentalist, lead the next most interesting and inspiring session. He started his talk with a soulful video where a small baby tries to off an overflowing water tap. He shared about the bitter truth on the impact of people on drying up of lakes and many more. Next was Sri Ram Prasad, Co- Founder, Friends of lakes. His talk was on topic- Water Tanks, a Lifeline in Olden Days. He stressed on the fact that Lakes, wells, ponds and Water tanks play a significant role in water management and were the healthy way to conserve and consume water, also that they are disappearing in this contemporary world. His message was to Recharge well Water and harvest rain water. Second day event was carried by Sri Gopinath- Founder, Sparsha Trust- a self-example on Social Servicing. He explained how social work is not a work but a duty towards humanity. Dr. Sreevalsa Kolathayar, IIT Chennai, also was our guest in one of the sessions regarding Disaster Resilience. He started his talk with explaining how Namaste (Naa Aham Asti)- the word itself expresses the importance of egoless human life. He was successful in making the audience understand the bonding between people after a disaster, how people tend to stay strong and stay together after floods. A video about Kerala Floods and People’s suffering during the hardships was showed. To the end of all sessions on day-2, a valedictory session was held and was presided by guests like Prof. B K Ravi Registrar Bangalore University, Sri Shivanna Syndicate Member, Bangalore University, Prof. Kodandarama, Chairperson, DSW, Bangalore University. The 2- day event ended with imprinting the need of human attention towards saving water and in turn saving life.