A Persuasive Interaction with Ashwini Angadi

Ashwini Angadi, 27-year-old, from Bengaluru was among the seven young girls from across the world who were honoured with the UN Special Envoy for Global Education's Youth Courage award for Education, part of the Malala Day Celebrations on July 12, 2013 at the world body. Ashwini Angadi has added another feather to her cap by receiving the Queen’s Young Leader Award on June 22, 2015 in London and is one among the three people selected for this award from India which was honoured by Queen Elizabeth II. Ashwini was born into a poor, rural community in Karnataka. Though born with a sight impairment, she always wanted to be independent. Ashwini works as a national facilitator for Young Voices, a campaign by young people with disabilities initiated by an NGO Leonard Cheshire Disability.

"ASHWINI ANGADI TRUST" is a registered body with an ambitious desire to take up activities to support all differently abled individuals to pursue their interests. Her personal struggle and achievement is a great encouragement to all specially, for the physically challenged children of India and world as a whole. She believes, getting education is only 50 percent of human-life but helping and giving to society will make one's life complete. Ashwini Angadi’s dream is to establish a residential school for visually challenged children managed by a trust in her name and that dream has come true with ‘Belaku Academy’.

The dream came true, she opened BELAKU ACADEMY for visually challenged children in her own house. Belaku Academy is a school for visually challenged children; the institution will be functioning under the “Ashwini Angadi Trust” registered in Feb/2014. Initiated by Ms. Aswini Angadi, a global youth ambassador for empowering the differently abled children, from all over Karnataka. Ashwini Angadi ambition doesn't stop for any moment. She says, it is just a step she wants to bring inclusive education for her students. She believes any human with disability is a diversity of human, and nothing to pity about. She is married to Mr. Veeresh, who is a music teacher at Government School, Davangere. Though both the couple are visually disabled, they make a perfect couple in this imperfect world. The interaction remains in the hearts of all Volunteers who attended it, as a Greatest mark of #Inspiration