Public Health



Public health is a discipline that addresses health at a population level”. Public health not only deals with the treatment of unhealthy people but it also deals with the preventing the healthy people from getting diseased.



Sanitation problem is one of the major issues affecting public health. This project is based on the study of sanitation issues in the selected areas i.e., Chokkasandra near Dasarahalli and Shrirampura near Mantri square. Keeping sanitation as our main topic we went forward for the survey. After doing survey we got to know that the health problems of the people living over there are mainly because of improper sanitation. Our report said that 50% of the houses over there did not have basic facilities such as toilets and solid waste management and they choose open defecation which was the root cause for all the health issues over there.



Fig:1- Picture showing unhygienic environment over there.




Fig:2-Houses built just next to drainage





Fig:3- Children playing next to drainage which make them to fall sick frequently