Campus 2 Community

About Campus 2 Community (C2C)

Bangalore is no alien to issues. Once a garden city, now a garbage city. Once a city that was admired for its beauty now that has lost its charm. The city has lost its eco-balance. To overcome these issues, Campus 2 community, an internship program was initiated by Students for Development aiming to engage students from campuses in community activities. 

Why Campus 2 Community?

Campus 2 community, an initiative started back in 2015 aimed in the student engagement at the community level. C2C is an internship program that offers handful experience to students from various campuses on issues pertaining to the environment. The motto is to create intellectual ambassadors. C2C is a platform which strives to quest solutions or alternatives to the existing problems. 

Students will be assigned tasks on projects related to development in various sectors including urban and rural development, water and power supply, sanitation and waste management, women and child issues, and more. Students are expected to work on ground to understand the issues at their very depth before attempting to address the problems on hand. This will create the foundation for informed and experienced young leadership which our country needs. It will also re confirm the idea of “Student’s Power is Nation’s Power”
Phases of the internship
    • Phase 1- one day orientation programme for basic knowledge on the work flow. 
    • Phase 2- 12 days of literature study to understand the ground reality. Students will also interact with mentors, various stake holders. Information on existing laws and departments related to the topics are to be studied and understood. A template is to be prepared by the students and discussed.
    • Phase 3- students are expected to present their views on the background studies on the issue. 
    • Phase 4- 30 days of continuous work on ground. Documentation of the findings are done in this phase. Students are expected to come up with reports every alternative week about their findings. They are free to branch out on sub topics of the theme as they proceed.
    • Phase 5- last phase includes submission of all the documents and findings. They are expected to present their work and suggest alternatives for the same.
Benefits of Campus 2 community
    • Students work out of four walls and interact with the stake holders, government bodies etc.
    • They are very close to ground realities and can contribute in true sense.
    • Engagement with students for development for full time
    • Interaction with learned persons and strengthening their knowledge
    • Being a part of eco-making
    • Certificate of appreciation from Students for development
The internship program is conducted twice a year, during the semester break.
We offer,
    • Vacation internship- 30-45 days 
    • Weekend internship- working on Saturday, Sunday and other holidays
    • Internship in your free time
Theme for the year 2019
Infrastructure in Bangalore. 
    • Sky walkers
    • Subways
About Students for development
Students for development is a forum to promote the need for sustainable in its appropriate vision. In this forum while strongly arguing the case of sustainability, it does not limit itself to the environmental issues like water conservation and management, plastic recycling and forest conservation. It rather focusses on the ways of engaging with these issues in a way which can integrate various socio, cultural, political dimensions get integrated in the holistic fashion. It is the conviction of SFD that without an integrated view the idea of development can be skewed and can be at times hindrance growth of human potential. SFD was initiated to understand, promote and disseminate the right concept of DEVELOPMENT to all the people in general and students in specific.
How to apply?
    1. Register at
    2. Fill the CV sent and forward to
    3. Attend a simple interview (telephonic or one to one)
    4. Attend one day orientation program and a be a part of C2C